Digital Product growth

Human-centered and business-driven product design services

✓  Increased user retention
✓  Increased user growth
✓  User Onboarding

✓  Increased conversion rate
✓  Increased word of mouth
✓  Higher customer satisfaction

Why Design Matters - A Lot

The market rewards exceptional experiences.

A bad product results in:
user satisfaction
... (list goes on)

A great product, does the exact opposite  ⎯  What makes a great product?

- Exceptional product design
- Validated product strategy
- Persuasive copywriting

That's where we come in.

The Services

We design user experiences across digital platforms including mobile apps, e-commerce and SAAS.
Product Design

Building a product from scratch? Need a redesign? We help you generate results with our designs.

• Product (UX/UI) Design
• Interaction Design
• User Onboarding Design

Product Strategy

Product Strategy aligns your product to the goals of your business.

• Market Research
• Feature Prioritisation
• Customer Journey Mapping
• Interactive Wireframing

Email Marketing

User onboarding is big part of getting users to use your software/app. Email marketing automation increases adoption rates.

• Email Marketing Automation
• Copywriting

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Case Studies

Here's our proof of work and quality. Take a look at our design process, the research, and the design solutions implemented ↓

Elegn - Luxury Fashion Ecommerce

Product Design

The aim of this project is to improve the user experience of Elegn, an e-commerce business in the luxury fashion industry. This includes its e-commerce platform, website, and landing page.

View Case Study

Adaptify - Email Marketing SaaS

Product Design
User Onboarding

The aim of this project is to improve the user experience and increase the market competitiveness of Adaptify, a Marketing Automation SaaS platform.

View Case Study

Pro Sync - Project Management SaaS

Product Design
User Onboarding

This case study showcases how we helped to improve the user experience and increase user retention of Pro Sync, a Project Management SaaS platform.

This includes UI/UX redesign and user onboarding optimisation.

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Digital Authority Product

Product Design
Product Strategy
Educational Product

Digital Authority is a free guide that was designed to help digital entrepreneurs build a brand and craft products people love to use (primary aim to increase sales of the company's flagship product).

Our services for this case study includes: Product Design, and Product Strategy.

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Not Just Design,
But Also Psychology & Business Strategy

Here's how our Interaction Design + Product Psychology + Business Strategy approach looks like
1 - Research

✔ Market Analysis
✔ Customer Journey Mapping
✔ Product Psychology
✔ Business Goals

2 - Define

✔ Product Audit
✔ Feature Audit
✔ UX Strategy
✔ Information Architecture

3 - Develop & Design

✔ UI/UX Design  
✔ Interactive Prototypes
✔ User Onboarding
✔ Email Nurture Sequence
✔ Landing Page

4 - Validate + Handover

✔ UX Audit
✔ Metric Analysis
✔ Usability Testing
✔ Handover

Business Outcomes

We help you craft a great product

Our work is made to produce results.

✓  Increased user retention
✓  Increased user growth
✓  Higher user satisfaction

✓  Streamlined onboarding
✓  Increased referral rate
✓  Increased word of mouth

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Why us?

Profile Picture

Hi, I'm Arjun

The founder/voice of DisplayZen, based in Singapore.

From passion projects to successful products, I've spent the last 5 years crafting user experiences. In that time, I built 8 apps, 6 tools, and 2 courses. That's a total of 16 products.

Having been an app developer, brand strategist, and product designer, I've developed a deep understanding of product design and strategy.

My mission is to help your business grow. I achieve this by creating results-oriented designs that are beautiful, easy to use and user-centric.

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