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Hi, I'm Arjun

The founder/voice of DisplayZen, based in Singapore.

Over the past 5 years, I built 8 apps, 6 tools, and 2 courses. That's a total of 16 products. Some succeeded, and some became lessons.

DisplayZen is where you come to when you want to turn your creative interests, and expertise into a valuable product and build a distinctive brand.

I built DisplayZen using the skills I acquired from being an app developer, product designer and brand strategist.

Whether you're starting out or an expert in your field, we got you covered.

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In-depth letters on product creation (strategy, psychology & design) and branding

15 min

The Pursuit of Creating (MasterClass)

How to get started and create a life of meaning, money & impact.
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14 min

Magnetic Ideation (MasterClass)

How I generate unique ideas ⎯ Creativity, intrinsic drivers, curiosity as a catalyst…
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14 min

How To Craft Great Products (MasterClass)

Products are the highest form of leverage ⎯ Here's how you can craft products people love to use.
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12 min

You Are The Brand (MasterClass)

The art of building a personal brand and building undeniable authority.
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8 min

4 phases of the creator journey (ideation to creation)

Nurturing ideas, experimentation, and creation. A unique and better take on the creative workflow.
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8 min

The skill stack for modern entrepreneurs

The secret to success is to pursue skills not taught in school. Here are the skills you need to master in the new digital economy.
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